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28th-Nov-2020 08:34 pm - How to Contact Me?
sing sweet love
Okay, so I noticed recently that people who aren't my mutual friends can't message me over LJ and that has been causing a lot of inconvenience.

I was considering telling the whole world my email, but I don't really like when people I don't know start randomly adding me on MSN. I have just cleared out my MSN list too and I won't be adding just any Tom, Dick or Harry on my blog anymore, not even any Janes.

If you need to contact me for any reason at all and do not have my personal email, please feel free to email me at:


Just change the words in the brackets into the actually symbols and you should be good to go!

Thanks a bunch!

24th-Dec-2008 12:00 am - Christmas Wishlist! [EDITED; 051108]
Taken from the lovely imaiiCollapse )

All I want for Christmas is...:

- A 심창민 name tagMAX/TVXQ cubic strap (subject to availability)
- Any official 2009 TVXQ! calendar! ;D
- A TVXQ! poster!
- A alice nine. poster to be put up somewhere in my room, with your name underneath if you got it for me. ^_^
- Any alice nine. single or album. Preferrably RAINBOWS. (Or at least tell me where I can find it


- SMTown LIVE '08 Goods Set (black shirt)
- TVXQ! 2009 Calendar
- TVXQ! Hoodie (any kind actually, or some hoodie they endorsed or something)
- TVXQ! socks. LOL!
- I don't mind anything that is Changminnie too~ (like his stickers or something)

So, that should be it for now! I'm not so sure if I will come up with more things, but well, this is what I have so far!

Whoa, compared to imaii , I seem to be so materialistic. I'm tempted to fulfill my own Christmas wishes though. ;-;

I also don't mind virtual presents like fics, graphics or etc! It's the thought that counts right?</lj>
21st-Oct-2008 11:13 pm(no subject)
So I've decided to re-lock my journal,
mainly because I don't want anyone I don't know reading my journal.
I don't want scary stalker people reading about my life and all.
That is just fucking creepy.
If you want to know me so bad,
just friend me and be a normal human?
No need to be scary stalkers. ^_^V

Also, I will be clearing out my f-list.
I have cleared out people based on certain criteria,
but not commenting is definitely not one of them.
I personally dislike journals that require you to comment frequently.
Although I do need an initial verification when you want to add me,
just comment here so I know you're human.
If you like to comment frequently,
I don't mind but I won't promise that I'll reply.
(Even though my guilty conscience will make me reply anyway)
If you were cleared from my f-list,
but you want to be on it again,
you can pop by and drop a comment.
I might just change my mind and re-add you.
Wow, I sound like such a bitch. D8
Oh well, that should be enough now~

Comment to be added, y'all.
11th-Jun-2008 09:11 pm - Friends Only

Thank you to imaii for this lovely banner. So, I think everything's quite self-explanatory. If you happen to be one of the unsuspecting users who are looking for my writing journal, you can head over there via the link at the sidebar!

Please only add this journal if you're interested in my life's ramblings. If you add me and not comment at all and everything, I'll probably bug you with messages. So, beware.

You have been cautioned.
11th-Jun-2008 08:36 pm - The Move
Hello, dear people reading this!

I am the former paranoiam, so you may have seen me around! Please add me as a friend if you know me, if not, well... what the heck are you doing here then?

This will be my personal journal and when I set up my writing journal, I'll link back, so don't you worry, if you ever saw my fics and liked them, they are definitely not lost!

See you around!
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