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its all we got


joezzy ♥ { beauty nature }Welcome to my mind, the inner workings, the knobs and twiddly gears of the mind of urisarang. Once in while, you might get lost, so just hold onto my hand and trust that I will always be there.


Hello everyone out there! Warnings first then, I'm pretty neurotic and I have to say that not just anyone can come around and friend me and be happy. I can be controversial if I try not to censor out my words, but that doesn't mean I won't swear. I'll just be careful with my words. I also dislike Solbi, so if you do like her, we might not get along but I'm not a huge anti-fan. I did however, give all my heart, mind and soul to a certain Korean leading idol singing group, TVXQ! And their juniors, SHINee. I also have a little spot for visual kei J-rockers alice nine. I like to read and write and have my own personal writing comm, which is currently on hiatus. I am re-planning my story Hybrid, so please look forward to the re-release of Hybrid. Until then, we can be friends, hang around, share a meme or two and get to know each other! I don't require comments on all my posts, but do drop me a comment once in a while, so I know you're not dead. See you around!

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